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If you’ve lived in black or muted tones for years, then it’s highly possible that you’re missing a trick. More often than note, colors can really be gorgeous and flattering. They create the illusion of being taller and a lot slimmer, and they make you pop out or stand out from a sea of people. 

It is all about determining the colors that work for you using the color analysis. If you’re not up for a consultation with a fashion stylist, then don’t worry as we’ll help you figure out the colors that are best for you. We'll help ensure you find the colors that best enhance not just your natural complexion, but also your confidence. 

But first, let’s discuss... 

What’s color analysis?

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This is a method of finding out the colors of clothing items, as well as makeup shades (yes, you’re welcome) harmonize the skin complexion, hair color, and eye color of a person. This method is very useful for professional stylists. But, it could also work for anybody. In a nutshell, color analysis uses skin, eyes, and hair in determining whether the best tones are cool or warm. 

Which skin tone do I have?

If you’re anything like most people, then you also question yourself on which color suits you. The find out the answer to this question, you have to begin with the basics. Color analysis basics is knowing, through a process, whether you have cool or warm as skin tone. 

There are tests that will help you find out the tone of your skin easily and quickly. One is looking at your arm’s underside in natural daylight. Do you have blue tinted veins and a rosy or pink undertone? If so, then your skin tone is on the cool side. If yours is apricot or golden with green veins, then your skin tone is warm. 

  • Cool skin tone 
  • If your undertones are pink or rosy, then you are like Halle Berry, Lucy Liu, Renee Zellweger, and Angelina Jolie. You have a cool skin tone and the colors that have blue undertones suit you very best. 

  • Warm skin tone 
  • If your undertones are golden like Gwyneth Paltrow, Beyoncé, Heidi Klum, and Nicole Kidman, then you have warm skin tone. Hues that are yellow-based flatter you most. 

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    Color Analysis Based on Your Skin Tone 

    You may have friends that refer to themselves to being Summer, Winter, Autumn, or Spring types. Do you know what that means?

    Well, for those with cool skin tone, they belong to the winter and summer family. For those with warm skin tone, they belong to autumn and spring. 

    Summer coloring 

    Do you have the cool skin tone? If so, then you naturally have light mid brown or ash tone blonde hair without any gold or red highlights. It is also likely that you have grey, green or pale blue eyes. You're perfect for summer coloring. 

    Winter coloring

    If you have the cooler skin tone with black hair, ash tone medium or dark brown hair without any gold or red highlights, then you belong to winter family, especially if you have brown, green or deep blue eyes. 

    Spring coloring 

    If your skin tone is warm and your hair is light medium or golden blonde and there are golden highlights, your coloring is spring. The spring types have a combination of cool and warm elements onto their coloring. 

    Autumn coloring 

    If your skin tone is warm and you have auburn, red, black or dark brown hair that has chestnut, gold or red highlights, then you belong to autumn family. 

    What color is best for me?

    • Summer coloring – the summer types look great with blue undertones in soft pastel shades. Think pinks, yellows, and light blues. Blue and grey hues also are amazing. Yellow-based colors like tan, orange, coral, and mustard are less flattering. White will definitely wash you out. Opt for off-white instead. 
    • Winter coloring – this type calls for the richest and boldest of blue hues. Vivid, cool, clear, and icy primary colors work wonders. Vivid reds, blues, and golden yellows can complement the tone of your skin. Think fuchsia pink, emerald grin, royal blue, and scarlet red. You can also go with charcoal grey, deep purple, and black. But, steer clear with brick reds and rusty browns. 
    • Spring coloring – this type suit coral, true blue, salmon pink, and brick red, which are warm true brights. Ivory and beige also flatter. Deep tones, muted shades, and icy pastels can drain you so they are not recommended. Delicate and warm with yellow undertones would be best for the spring type. Neutral light grey, soft green, and dusky pink are great. 
    • Autumn coloring – the rich colors of autumn flatter the skin of the autumnal type. With golden or warm undertones, earthy reds, rich browns, bronzes, burnished golds, and chocolate are great. Dark greens, olive greens, burnt orange and terracotta red enhance the complexion of the autumn coloring. 

    Ready to fill your wardrobe with colors that work best for you? Shop here.

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