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What is one of the first things that enter your mind when thinking of the perfect outfit for a house party, date night, or even for a relaxed night at home? If you’re thinking of a jumpsuit, then you’ve got it right! A jumpsuit is so versatile that it can be casual or formal, and stylish or comfortable. However, there are still people think that you need to be fit in order to rock them.  

Fortunately for us, the jumpsuit has evolved and there are now more options than ever before. Case in point: the wide availability of different types of jumpsuits including rompers and onesies. Check out our favorite trendy jumpsuits below!

Printed Pantsuit

Printed Pantsuit

Imagine looking trendy and stylish without the hassle of putting a ladies’ top and trousers together! That’s what you get with printed pantsuits. The perfectly fitted top and trousers combo are great for those with an hourglass figure or triangle-shaped bodies. For other body shapes, the fabric will make a massive difference. Get something that’s printed and follows the silhouette of your body at the same time. For effect, add a waist belt or fine jewelry in gold or silver.   

Strapless Denim Jumpsuit 

Fashion isn’t for the faint-hearted, especially the strapless denim jumpsuit. If you are feeling like going outside your comfort zone (which is never a bad idea), conquer your fears and give this trendy RTW a try! This suit is made for those with petite and hourglass bodies.  Explore different fabric options such as chiffon, satin, and lycra. If you feel naked or bare because of the non-existent neckline, try wearing a statement necklace to take away the attention from your chest. 

Black Heather Jumpsuit

 Black Heather Jumpsuit

The easiest thing for you to do whenever you’re in doubt as you’re shopping is to stick to a long-sleeve jumpsuit that is in a dark color. Black is our go-to as it never fails! A monochrome jumpsuit will give good coverage while offering definition and proportion. An outfit such as this can work as it is or added with accessories. Amp your style by pairing the jumpsuit with a pair of stilettos or pumps. 

Ivory Solid Jumpsuit 

There is a single dress that’s been seen all across the globe. The Real Fouz, Ola Farahat, Ahood Alenzi, Beyonce, JLo, and several others are sporting this look constantly and royally! It is the one outfit that can set you apart and make heads turn. There are several different varieties of the ivory solid jumpsuit. If white is not suited for your skin tone, simply opt for ones that are better! For accessories, sleek, tiny jewelry look great - we recommend gold shoes and accessories! 

Floral Romper 

This is the little sister of the jumpsuit. What started as an itsy bitsy version of the jumpsuit made for kids, it has caught on like wildfire. A floral romper is undoubtedly stylish, non-complicated, and comfortable. Do you know how just one outfit can elevate your look effortlessly? That is what a floral romper does. It’s the perfect summer companion. Stick to flats with this one for a more girly appearance. 

Off-Shoulder Jumpsuit

Penny Smocked Ruffle Top Co-ord Set

Off-shoulder is a design we can’t ever get enough of, so we are absolutely ecstatic to find them in jumpsuits! White, black, and blue are obvious choices for this type of jumpsuit, but you can opt for printed ones as well as they’re equally good. Off-shoulder jumpsuits suit all body types. Consider a slingback and chokers to amp up your look. 

One-Sided Shoulder Jumpsuit 

Straight up chic, trendy, and stylish, the one-sided shoulder jumpsuit is not something that everyone can pull off. Albeit a challenge for most of us, we still love them. The key is actually feeling confident! It oozes class and oomph without asking for too much time and effort. Add a pair of stilettos and you’re date-night ready! If you are petite, pay close attention to your trousers’ length and the fitting of the sleeve. 

Lounge Playsuit 

After a long day at work, you need to put on something comfortable to relax and sleep in. For most, a lounge playsuit is the best choice. Slide one on and see how it instantly uplifts your mood!


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