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One of the many interesting questions in the fashion world is why do women love bags? And this is still unclear for the many but a bag is one accessory that women cannot live without. Women are willing to buy more of bags in different kinds to pair with their clothes and shoes and completely own the look.

One theory for this bag love is that it is the spirit of owning a certain bag that would reflect women’s persona that makes them by one better and more. Stylish handbags appeal to the aesthetic essence in some women. Whatever is the reason for purchasing and owning a bag, there is something about it that women cannot stop being attracted to it—its beauty and functionality makes it an indispensable fashion accessory which is why there is the wide range of bags available in boutiques and online stores.

Here at OwnTheLooks, finding the perfect women's bags for any occasion with our latest collection of the best womens handbags, totes, cross-body bags, weekend bags, stylish women's backpacks, finest womens clutches and more is so easy by just browsing our coveted selections and make a purchase online. OwnTheLooks stylish handbags, mini backpack for women, and stylish clutches are definitely runway-inspired accessories and we have rounded up the ‘it-bags’ you need to own the look for each season. Plus, we have collaborations with renowned fashion influencers who have curated the desirable accessories to keep you on game trend.


Stylish Handbag

This medium-sized womens bag that every lady must own. A supreme accessory that can carry the essentials while maintaining the style quotient. Ideal for formal business meetings and party engagements.

Silver Colette Handbag

Silver Colette Handbag

The Bucket bag

A bag which has a base that is flat with drawstring enclosure and long handles. Medium-sized bags that is casual in appearance but a certain fashion trend that has the carry-all yet cool appeal. Suitable for the weekend getaway.

Black Red White Mini Bucket Bag

Black Red White Mini Bucket Bag

The Clutch

This flat clutch is meant to be hand-held without handles or straps. This bag requires a little high-maintenance as you literally can’t take your hands off it—but very ideal for an evening event for a more stylish piece.

Spring Flowers Tweed Clutch

Spring Flowers Tweed Clutch

The Comfy Backpack

This one is an ultimate travel essential. Some call it knapsack, bookbag, pack, kitbag, back sack or sack pack. A sturdy bag that is literally carried on the back of the body with two durable straps. Large versions of backpacks are called rucksacks that are used for the long travel adventure.

Silver Dust Mini Backpack

Satchel Bag

A perfect accessory for working women as it serves the functionality of both an everyday handbag and a laptop bag—having this, you don’t have to bring two bags at the same time. Satchels can fit in all your everyday basics and your gadgets too. Always invest in a bag that is well-stitched, sturdy and made of the material that is of good quality as satchels need to last longer to carry it all.

Sling Bag

This cross-body sling bag is a must-have for its functionality, comfort, and style. So perfect for running errands, traveling and for shopping. If you are traveling with kids, a sling bag is ideal for you not to worry about your valuables while you are taking care of them.

Tote bag

Usually made of leather, this rectangular shaped bag is made to be strong as it is a shopping must-have for most women. This bag sometimes made with short-medium handles and has enough room for items, indeed spacious and accommodating in quality.


How to Pick Womens Handbags For Different Occasions

There is an eminent array of styles in women's bags for different occasions and events. OwnTheLooks helps you to identify and pick which style is recommended for a certain occasion and own the look of a fabulous chic.

  1. Consider the Event

Take this as a thumb rule. Always consider the event before picking your outfit and accessories including your purse. As fashion rules, several events from office holiday party and rocking nightclub venture to fancy luncheons and weddings, an inappropriate choice of the bag not only ruins the look but also your comfort level.

If you are picking a strapless clutch, be sure you will be comfortable in carrying it all throughout the night. Clutch is more persevered for sophisticated formal events. You can also consider carrying a glitzy sling bag for nightclubbing or nighttime affairs.

  1. Consider the Design of the Bag

Think if the engagement is for daytime, or a late afternoon commitment, or an evening affair. Choose a bag that is not so striking in color in the daytime. For evenings, consider bags have the glitzy-glam design.

  1. Consider the Essentials You Need to Carry

Day bags are spacious enough to occupy your stuff while evening bags are by far are small in size which only offering space to your cosmetics, phone, and keys. Always think how much items you need to store in your bag and just pick a design that will complement the occasion and to your outfit as a whole.

For more styling ideas and fashionable items, check out the OwnTheLooks online store, just click here!


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